Take Emotional

Responsibility Now

Using the MYTERN App

Take control of your reactions to the challenging people and
situations around you (no matter what your age).

Receiving a daily MYTERN message via the MYTERN App acts as a virtual or cyber supervisor,
prompting you to learn and apply the skill daily.

Download the app now!

Congratulations on choosing to Take Emotional Responability Now

MYTERN for iPhone or Android, designed for personal use.

MYTERN CITY for iPhone or Android, designed for schools, universities and businesses.

Personalize your app

Set the times for your daily message and upload your PETS (photos/pics that make you smile)

Change your life

Receive your daily message and watch as emotional intelligence, health and resilence grow


Some Main Features of the
awesome MYTERN app

Beautiful, modern design

Choose between two different skins: one that is crisp, clean and corporate, and one that is colorful, playful and fun.

Ready to go

Instant access to MYTERN PETs (photos/pics) which have already been installed in the MYTERN App for your convenience.

Easily Customized

Your message can be scheduled at different times.

Make it your own

Upload YOUR favorite PETS (photos/pics) to increase the MYTERN Apps power!

Powerful Delivery

Daily messages are based on a metaphor of driving down emotional roads, helping to reinforce the action required to Take Emotional Responsibility Now


"MYTERN has helped me take control of my life. Brilliant!"


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